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We have three different types of pitch – grass, hardstanding and En-Suite Super Pitches. All pitches are spacious and level with plenty of room to park the car alongside your unit. We take pride in our award-winning, clean and modern facilities. There are also children’s playgrounds in most touring fields, so you could even watch the kids play from the comfort of your pitch. We have a number of hardstanding, disabled pitches that are closer to the facility blocks, which must be pre-booked by disabled badge holders only. Private, disabled washrooms are also available; simply pick up the key from Reception for a small deposit. Our pitches are approx 9m x 9m and we can accommodate very large tents up to this size.

How Do i hook up an amp?

Dometic Caravan and Motorhome Air Conditioners UK Motorhome and Caravan Air Conditioning Dometic motorhome and caravan air conditioners employ the lightest and most efficient refrigeration systems, deliver cool, de-humidified air and filter away dust and dirt particles. On a cold morning, use the heating element to chase away the chill.

Dometic air conditioners can be powered through a mains hook-up, a Dometic generator or inverter and even from the Volt supply of your vehicle. Taking home comforts with you The idea of going on holiday in your recreational vehicle is to explore new ground — not going without the comfort you expect at home. A Dometic caravan or motorhome air conditioner enables you to enjoy the same pleasant temperatures wherever you are. Powered by strong and energy-saving technology it offers high cooling performance for optimum comfort.

The world of electric hook ups for tents, campervans, caravans and motorhomes can feel a bit daunting when you’re faced with confusing electrical conversion tables for the first time.

Our hook-ups are via standard blue v IP44 electrical connectors protected by a Residual Current Device RCD for safety designed to cut off the supply in the event of a fault occurring in your connecting lead, caravan or appliance. Please use only approved cables and run cables around away from vehicle or walkways as best as possible. If you connect two cables together the joint should be via approved connectors, covered against rain and supported off the ground. To avoid overloading of the circuit breaker and consequential loss of supply please ensure that the total wattage of the equipment that you have switched on at any one time does not exceed this.

Beware of using ordinary domestic kettles or fan heaters, some of them can draw over 10 amps on their own. To calculate the current amperage divide the wattage by the voltage v After pitching your unit, make sure that the isolating switch in your unit is off.

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It may seem complicated to the newcomer, but a few minutes spent understanding the basic principles, common terms and definitions in use will be worthwhile in ensuring your enjoyment of our product. Measurement Of Nose Weight, Towing Vehicle’s Rear Suspension Another simple method is to use bathroom scales and a suitable piece of strong timber as a platform to rest the tow hitch on.

The timber can be placed vertically between the caravan tow hitch and the bathroom scales.

Guidance on Electric Hook-up for Caravans & Tents LIGHT POWER USE ONLY 10 AMP MAX – SEE CHART BELOW This guide is intended for both new and experimented caravaners & campers using our Electrical HookUps (EHUs) at.

Contact us Living in a van in winter is one of the bigger challenges for van dwellers like us. Van life seems so romantic. And those moments are amazing.. Living in a van in winter is a different story. So we can say that we have gained some experience on van life in winter. Prepare your van for the cold weather If you are serious about making your van winter proof, you have some work to do. Insulation will keep the cold out. Check if your van has insulation as well. But luckily we found an easy and quick solution: A very good investment we did to keep some cold out, is buying window insulation panels.

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Small extra charge applies ; Wifi reaches most of the site. This can be organised when you arrive – a small extra charge applies. They are a seperate business but we’re very lucky to have such a great pub so close. Nearest is the Gloucester-Sharpness canal running alongside the park – there are also a few small lakes nearby ask at reception.

Tudor Caravan Park is ideally located at ‘The Patch’ for some of the best areas of the canal to fish, especially for bream. Of course, staying on site you have no worries about car parking.

A single/triple 13 amp socket(s), a distribution box with a transparent window housing a 10amp double pole MCB and 25amp RCD. This should be in an integral housing and physically protected to a .

Beware carbon monoxide poisoning The world of electric hook ups for tents, campervans, caravans and motorhomes can feel a bit daunting when you’re faced with confusing electrical conversion tables for the first time. However, once powered up, many campers are left wondering how they coped beforehand! Adding a few little luxuries to your camping holiday could make all the difference to having a more comfortable and ultimately, a more enjoyable stay – so what are you waiting for?

Think of that cold milk in the morning for your cereal, a blast of heating to warm through your tent in the winter months, a hairdryer, or the opportunity to charge your phone. Did we miss anything? Post your suggestions in the comments box at the bottom! And having seen what you can use an electric hook-up for, here is our handy beginners guide to EHUs. What is an electric hook up?

The idea is simple – a hook up offers you access to electricity in your tent, motorhome, caravan or campervan with the help of a cable and a few sockets. Most campsites now have electrical access points ask for a pitch with access when booking , from which you’ll be able to plug in your cable to their safety checked supply bollards. Simply run your cable to your temporary home and hey presto!

However, it’s important to understand that caravan and camping hook ups are designed for light power loads only. What are the common amp ratings? Electrical power is measured in watts and electrical current is measured in amps.

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Anyways I was hoping to add a couple of subwoofers and an amp to the trunk but I don’t want to change the factory head unit. What do I need to do? I know I need the converter to change the regular speaker wire out to RCA plugs. What is that called again? And since the battery is in the trunk the power and ground should be no problem for the amp.

Hooking up to the mains Use our helpful step-by-step guide for hooking your caravan or motorhome up to the mains to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable touring holiday. How to hook-up to the mains.

What causes a Charger to fail? On 1st February Kev wrote: I’ve now fitted the new EBL99 with two new Varta batteries and they’re charging from mains hook-up perfectly. The new EBL is working fine. I’ve charged the old batteries using my bench charger and then tested them using a Sealey 12v battery tester and they’re both refusing to hold the charge”.

When Kev first contacted us, we suggested the reason for the chargers failure would be poor batteries, as that, or an oversize battery bank, is almost always the cause. He initially disagreed with our diagnosis thinking his batteries were good. As you can see from the above, our experience of doing this since shows.

Modern Alternators are very reliable. Yet Alternator failure in a Motorhome is not uncommon. Just look at the regular posts on the Forums. So if the problem is ‘weak’ mains chargers, why are Alternators also an issue on Motorhomes, yet not on any other vehicle? Surely the only common factor is the extra load of the habitation battery?

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Rolec Caravan REF c/w 2 x 16A Socket + 2 x RCBO Midshires Comments: The Rolec one way caravan hook-ups, offers quality and reliability at a realistic price.

My virtual Caravan Site volt Mains Electrics My advice is not to modify or meddle with the Caravan main installation, leave it to a qualified person When you connect up your Caravan to a Site Mains supply you need to check the safety of your Mains installation, there are two important things you should do: It has a test button. The use of this will be explained in your handbook.. To check this I always use a socket tester, plugged into one of the Caravan sockets.

This indicates if the system is wired correctly, if there is a fault it indicates what it is. Most modern caravans have two electrical systems, one for Mains Electricity V and one for the 12 volt side of things.


Four Wire Connection easy to understand The “jumper cable” hookup. While easy to use, this approach forces the use of heavy gage wire for the plus lead and increases power dissipation in the meter. It also slightly decreases voltage accuracy at higher currents due to additional voltage drop across the plus lead. Three Wire Connection better performance, less wire The three Wire hookup has several benefits.

This arrangement requires only two heavy gage wires to carry the negative lead current and so is better for remote testing and monitoring.

Guidance on Electric Hook-up for Caravans & Tents LIGHT POWER USE ONLY 6 AMP MAX – SEE CHART BELOW This guide is for caravanners & campers using our .

Connect two batteries in parallel — Part 2 answers the questions asked the most. Most people who want to connect two batteries together are trying to expand the battery capacity of their existing setup. One thing to remember, if you are going to install a second battery, you are going to have to start with two new, identical batteries. Same make, Amp hour Ah rating and if you can the same manufacture date.

Well the most obvious is to simply connect a new battery to the original battery using some cable and new battery terminal clamps like this…. OK, that will work. Hang on though lets have a closer look. Battery A is the primary battery and Battery B is our newly installed secondary battery. But remember what I said earlier, you should always use batteries from the same manufacturer with the same rating and manufacture date… well that still applies and now you will be replacing Battery B that is probably still working OK.

The other side of this is charging. So now we are in a situation where Battery A is doing more work and Battery B is not getting charged properly. When we start our engine now, Battery A has no volt drop to earth and 0. Now the same happens in reverse when charging. So we are now charging both batteries identically.

How to: Connect two batteries in parallel

We repair Motorhomes and Caravans, habitation Checks. The ECxxx chargers will charge either Habitation and Starter batteries if you manually use the ‘Battery’ button on the LCD display controller to select the relevant battery. The Sargent website states: The Bosch L5 is the exact same battery made in the same plant with a different label but better warranty.

The above cable not only simplifies installation, but the EC will be able to route the Solar Regulator charge to both the Habitation battery and the Starter battery.

Caravan Hook up Lead. v Plug Socket Product Description A hard wearing cable ideal for a range of situations including; Caravan Hook Up, Industrial applications, On-Site, Event Power + many Rating: % positive.

This guide has been written in response to some of the questions that have been asked on various forums. It describes the electrical systems on a typical caravan and how they work. However, as caravans have evolved to the demands of the modern caravanner, these systems have become more complex, but a basic understanding of a simple system will help you diagnose faults even on complex systems in a modern caravan and help to maintain your caravan over the coming years.

Apologies to those reading that have some knowledge and find the early part a little simplistic. I have described a generic car and caravan wiring system, it will not be identical to your car or caravan. Each caravan manufacturer will have adapted a basic system to allow for more features and to take into account more complex requirements from its customers.

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