Pin2 Before installing my fish finder on my pontoon boat, I spent 2 hours searching the web for a good tutorial on how to do it. If you have a good tutorial and someone to help, installing a fish finder can be a quick and simple project that takes about 45 minutes. For me, it took over 4 hours with two people because we had to figure everything out on our own without any decent guide to show us how. Not surprisingly, the directions were totally useless for installing on a pontoon boat—they only covered installation on a traditional boat. Select a Fish Finder Suitable for Your Situation I wrote some handy tips on selecting a fish finder, as well as the one that I ended up choosing here. Some fish finders do not come with the transducer, so check your package and make sure you have both parts first. Determine Your Transducer Location The transducer is the sensor that goes in the water that collects the data and sends it to the monitor. Virtually all pontoon boat owners put the transducer on the bottom of the bracket on the back of one of the pontoons.

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An introduction to the concept of tube flies and some arguments for using tubes rather than hooks. The article will give you a basic knowledge about tube flies and prepare you for the rest of the theme. Tying a simple conehead tube fly first steps Tying a simple conehead tube fly second steps Tying a simple conehead tube fly last steps Tying a simple conehead tube fly, mounting the hook. Martin Joergensen Many tube fly anglers extend the tube a bit by using a small, soft sleeve to hold and guide the hook.

This sleeve is mounted on the rear part of the tube by pulling it slightly up over the firm tube or just using it as a buffer between the metal and the hook and knot.

Jun 14,  · if you hook your tube lines to the lifting hooks on your toons you WILL eventually crack welds on the brackets between the toons and the deck. look at the load path from the motor the transom to the deck down through the brackets through the toons.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message A map showing the Putney ward of Wandsworth Metropolitan Borough as it appeared in Putney is an ancient parish which covered 9. Its area has been reduced by the loss of Roehampton to the south-west, an offshoot hamlet that conserved more of its own clustered historic core.

In the area was removed from Surrey and became part of the County of London.

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Replacing My Boat’s Steering System June In June , the two steering cables in my bass boat a 19’3″ Ranger V with a setback plate had become so stiff that it was hard to turn the steering wheel. It was a good bicep workout, but I was ready for some easier turning. As I researched replacing my cables, I decided that it was probably time to replace the “helm” too i. After doing some reading on the net, I bought the Teleflex SS “kit” which includes a new helm, a new dual cable 14 foot long cables and a new bezel.

It wasn’t exactly a simple job, but it ended up being a hair easier than I expected.

Locate Tube 36ft Plastic Hook on sale now online. Browse Tube 36ft Plastic Hook for sale now! Home; Marine Accessories, Boat Parts, Boat Accessories Airhead Wrap It Up Hook Loop Wraps, 3-pack, Red Yellow Blue Kwik Tek Wr Red Yellow Blue Kwik Tek Wr $ Pack Of 2 Polished Stainless Steel Boat Hook And Fishing Net Holders For.

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An account of an unhandy man’s quest to build and sail small boats. I’d done my best to keep the Honda going, including replacing its rusty old carburetor. Inside the old Honda 2. And as my uncle Marty used to say, if you are going to have an engine on a boat, it needs to be reliable. When it refused to start again in Beaufort, NC, we had enough. I didn’t want to get stuck in the Bahamas with a non-working outboard.

These clips are for versatile purpose, could be use as boat hook holders, or any general use for tube diameter up to /2″. Can use for 3 steps boat telescopic ladder or 4 steps boat telescopic ladder while stowing away for storage/5(4).

The Hook 5 is a combination fish finder and GPS chart plotter developed for anglers wanting a great value, but who are not willing to sacrifice on quality. It delivers on both counts with features generally only found on units costing significantly more money. Lowrance took all the features that made their Elite-5 HDI fish finder such a resounding success and improved on both its simplicity of operation and performance. The new Hook 5 has a crystal-clear five-inch display screen, measured diagonally, where you can view GPS charts, traditional sonar and DownScan sonar.

The new Hook 5 display provides a sharp by DPI resolution that produces vivid bit colors. Lowrance upgraded both the menu and control buttons from the Elite-5 HDI, making the new Hook 5 unit much easier to use.

Pontoon Boat & Deck Boat Forum

Chesapeake Bay Magazine Picking up a mooring ball can be a simple, unremarkable affair that goes unnoticed by fellow boaters, or a pride devastating catastrophe of biblical proportions regaled in the yacht club Tiki bar for years to come. Get to know a mooring ball before picking it up Mooring balls are easy to identify, the standard being a white ball or can shaped buoy with a horizontal blue band visible above the waterline — vertical spars utilizing the same color scheme are also used in some locations.

Most mooring buoys will typically be labeled for identification purposes. Mooring balls are often considered to be more secure and less hassle than anchoring, however they can and do fail if routine maintenance is lacking. For this reason and to avoid interaction with an angry owner who returns to find his ball occupied you should avoid picking up private mooring balls or those that appear poorly maintained.

Jun 22,  · I take my boat in each year for power polishing and they put it on a rack that holds it by the bow hook and transom hooks. Then they rotate the boat to almost on its side to power polish the bottom. That would be more stress on those hooks than a body on a tube, wouldn’t it?

This is a good flipping hook. It is strong, sharp, and is a good price. They don’t bend, i fish a 7 foot 3 heavy rod and i have not had a problem with them. The welded eye is perfect for snelling. As some have said they do carve a pretty big hole in the fish’s mouth, but I’ll take that trade-off since I feel like you get more hook-ups than with other hooks. These hooks are without a doubt the best hooks on the market. The baitkeeper is the best thing to happen to the hook since the invention of the hook..

I caught a 2 pounder throwing a 7 inch ribbon tail worm in heavy cover..

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We test six new tow toys. By Jeff Hemmel Updated: Aug 23rd, at 9: Skis may be more challenging, a wakeboard capable of delivering more thrills, but the best bang for the buck in almost any towable arsenal is a marine accessory not very far removed from that old black inner tube many of us enjoyed as kids.

The Drotto boat latch is designed to mount on your trailer using your existing brackets and replacing only your existing bow roller. When the bow eye on the front of your boat comes in contact with the latch, the latch automatically grabs onto the bow eye of your boat and automatically locks it in place.

Best hook I’ve ever used, don’t plan on getting the hook out with your hands, you’ll need pliers, if you hook them, consider them on the boat. Beats all competition by a long shot From: The first time I used this hook ,I felt the hook actually cut into the fish’ mouth on the hook set and I was sold. That was several years ago and several styles of this hook have become a main stay! The points are fragile but if you stick your plastics “shallow” instead of skin hooking it will help protect the points.

Fishing is an expensive hobby. These hooks are reasonably priced and no question about it they are worth the money. The sharpest hooks out there that will get you more hook ups and put more fish in the boat. A hook point will only last so long when your catching fish or banging in through rocks, but these hooks stay sharp for a long time and if you are using the right size hook for your application, they will not bend or break!!!

Any bad reviews are from inexperienced fisherman.

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Everything About Anchors by Brett Brown Scrimping on anchors and anchor line is much like buying an expensive automobile with cheap brakes. Anchors keep you off the rocks if your motor or the wind fails. Anchors set up your boat for convenient fishing.

: boat hook clip. From The Community. SeaLux Boat Hook Holder Spring Clips up to /2″ tube. by SeaLux. $ $ 10 75 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. out of 5 stars 4. Product Features Versatile purpose use for boat hook, boat ladder and lifebuoy light holder.

A minor boat repair often includes repairing paint chips, repainting some parts of the boat, or fixing your speedometer. Fixing your speedometer is a minor repair. However, if not immediately fixed, your boat can be in for a lot more trouble than you can imagine. Locating the Speedometer Tube When checking for the cause of the malfunction, you need to locate the tube of the speedometer. Disconnecting the Speedometer Tube If the tube of your speedometer is connected to the pitot tube, remove the tube from the speedometer by unscrewing the connector on the pitot tube.

If it is connected to the outboard motor, just release the quick-connect joint. Replacing the Tube Check to see if there are any holes or cuts on the tubes. If you do find holes on the tube, all you need to do is replace the damaged tube with new tube. Make sure that you have the same length as the old tube. It is advisable to bring the old tube when you buy the new one so you can get the same specifications. Replacing the Pitot Tube The cause of malfunction may also be due to a damage pitot tube.

Check if the pitot tube has any holes or is damaged. If it is, replace it with a new one. Checking the Speedometer If you do not find any holes or cuts on the tube or the pitot tube, you then need to check the speedometer itself.

How to Install a Fish Finder on a Pontoon Boat

By Matt Champneys Music can be a big part of the enjoyment of boating. But getting high-quality sound on a boat is not always easy. Follow the tips below to ensure the best quality sound on your boat, and to save yourself future repair and replacement work. For help choosing the right equipment for your situation, select from the following: Choosing Marine Speakers Head Unit Mounting Considerations When mounting your stereo consider that CD player models should not be mounted at an angle greater than 30 degrees.

The recommended angle is not more than 20 degrees.

Apr 19,  · A complete newbie question here, folks. We have a tube and a 60 ft. 5/8″ 16 strand rope and need advice on how to make the connections with the rope on both ends (tube and boat).

There are two main types of fabric that most inflatable boats are made of. They are either PVC or Hypalon. Caribe, AB and Achilles inflatable boats were made of Hypalon in past. However Hypalon was discontinued by its manufacturer Dupont, and now it is sold under different name CSM. Con – Won’t last as long in the direct sunlight as Hypalon before it starts to fade out if left unprotected. Does not tolerate sunscreen and insect repellent as well as Hypalon.

Will tolerate fuel spills, sunscreen, insect repellent, and exhaust fumes better than PVC. Con – Significantly more expensive then PVC. In general PVC fabric won’t last as long as Hypalon fabric if the boat will be subjected to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and no measures have been taken to protect the PVC fabric from the sun i. After a number of years in direct sunlight the PVC fabric will become sticky and fade out.

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New York missinginaction Senior Member Some time ago as part of my restoration of an older Silverton sedan, I installed new fuel system parts. These included a new fuel pump and I just installed a new Holley carburetor. There was never any mention of the vent tube in the carb installation instructions but it’s come to my attention that I should install one. The Holley has a capped port that just enters the primary bores at the spark arrestor flange, this got me thinking.

Feb 01,  · Pontoon Boat & Deck Boat Forum. Open and Honest Pontoon Boat Discussion Yah if you can grab a picture of how yours is hook up that would be great, thanks for the help guys! We have the ski tow on ours. I have a Big Mable tube which is a monster and I can still tow that at 21MPH with my two daughters and catch plenty-o-air.

As I was starting out the front of the tube went under just a little and and I kept on going about 7 miles per hour trying to pull it up and out of the water. To my surpise the tow bar snapped in two. It snapped in two places just above the support bars. It put a hole in my very expensive optimax engine cover and then sank and was lost because you only loop the rope around it and it slipped off as it sunk.

It is anchored to the deck by a thin aluminum plate that is welded to a heavier aluminum plate. It popped the welds and pulled up the plate but did not rip the plywood. I will get a picture of it next time I am out because it is impressive. My point is, these towables can really load down a boat. I was surprised that a ninety horsepower engine could snap this bar because it is heavy duty.

However, I think it snapped because this was at a bend and just above a weld. I think that when the bend was made and the weld was done it weakened the tube because both tubes broke in exactly the same spot. I think the ski tow bar is for wakeboards and skis to keep the rope up and out of the water.

How to attach your tube rope to a Sportsstuff Aluminum Quick Connect