However, this will drain the battery rapidly, so do not leave headlights on for periods longer than 1 – 2 minutes. Children or bystanders may be injured by runover and rotating blades. Before traveling forward or rearward: Stop machine movement before shifting between reverse and forward to prevent transmission damage. Move shift lever B to desired travel speed. To travel in reverse:

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While Grouphunt does not guarantee the promises as advertised by the creator, what we promise is to redistribute the goods to you as soon as we receive them, similar to if you placed the pledge on your own. Hunt extensions will not affect estimated delivery: Each order comes with a Deck Hook as well as a Wall Mount: Introducing the Deck Hook The patent pending Deck Hook is a unique carrying device for any longboard, skateboard or eboard.

Go Hands-Free Be able to use your skateboard when you need it and forget about it when you don’t. The straps magnetically locate in to place and can hold up to 40kg each.

Never mind OKCupid and Tinder. The almost decade-old Couchsurfing, which is available in , cities across the globe, is becoming the go-to hookup app for a certain class of young world travelers.

The first is a No. The second accessory is a small sanding drum Photo 3 , which you can find at home centers or online. The one I used is made by Vermont American. The only other tool you might need is a nail set, for setting the heads of finish nails below the surface. Obviously, if you have a band saw and a miter saw, they will make this project a piece of cake. You can build this shelf from just about any type of wood. Knotty pine will be harder to work with and to paint well.

Instead, get clear pine, poplar or any other knot-free board. I used alder from The Home Depot. Low-tech woodworking This is a low-tech project. A jigsaw and a cordless drill are the only power tools you need, though there are more accurate and faster options. The tools you need Cut out the shelf and brackets Photo 1:

What cable do I need to hook up cassette recorder to PC?

They said they tried to keep the project on life support, in hopes that it would be revived by the next administration, but the loss of key personnel, budget cuts and dropped investigations are only a few of many challenges made worse by the passage of nearly a year since Trump took office. Who knows if we can find all of the people willing to testify? There is certainly an argument to be made that if tomorrow all the agencies were ordered to come together and sit in a room and put all the evidence on the table against all these bad guys, that there could be a hell of a lot of indictments.

Operation Perseus, targeting Venezuelan syndicates, was another.

Karaoke machines with audio outputs can be connected to a home theater surround sound system for amplifying the vocalist and accompanying music. A standard set of RCA-type stereo.

Read my full disclosure policy here. Does this make me the Queen of Cheap and Easy? Is there a better feeling in the world? First, screw a cup hook into one end of the 2X2. Then, screw the pole into the railing. Use sturdy screws and you may need to drill a pilot hole first. We did two screws, one at the bottom of the railing and one at the top of the railing. NOTE that you may need to use a shim to support the bottom screw if the edges of the railing are uneven, this will keep your pole straight.

They are perfect, though. Thankfully the box came with perforations for removing the lights without unscrewing the bulbs. Then, screw a cup hook into the wall where the light will originate. Plug the light set into the extension cord, and string it through the first wall hook and over to the pole. Ask me how I know.

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While sardines are a bait fish, they pull hard and are very aggressive. They feed on krill planktonic crustaceans , zooplankton, and phytoplankton. When out on the water, look for birds, small splashes in the water, and bait marks on the depth finder. Sardines will hit the sabiki rigs. Hook Up Sardines might be considered a small bait fish, but they aggressively attack artificial lures.

Make sure the lures are of appropriate size.

A surprising 54% of workers have had a “romantic encounter” with someone in the office, according to our latest survey of 1, Business Insider readers. “It’s kind of the natural evolution of the.

Compare it to wearing a tie and pressed button up to a job interview: Exceed 20 words per slide. Everyone in the room should grasp a slide the moment they glance at it. Use one phrase headline per slide, maximum. Use one sentence caption or subheader to complement your headline, maximum. Use one image visual representation of the headline or caption per slide, maximum.

Keep in mind, this is not a TED Talk. Except in our present case: You need to play to both the head and the heart — investors make decisions with both. Your story should lead to your product being the logical conclusion of whatever problem you identify. Save your more conventional slides for a supplemental deck that you can reference when questions arise organically in your post-pitch conversation. Investors are no different.

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The Tugboat Captain A tugboat is a wonderful thing. Lacking the majestic height of a sailing ship or the fearsome rake of a warship, its appeal is found in its compact power. Among ships it is the wiry, constantly moving, 5 foot 8 inch basketball guard or the explosive, high leaping 85 pound gymnast: The tugboat sacrifices speed for raw power, power used to push, to pull, to maneuver. Cruising down a river, scurrying about some port, or working in the open sea, its measly 6 to 9 knot top speed makes sailing on it seem like a trip that is all pleasure; as if no company with an ounce of sense would ever let itself move so slowly.

The New Jersey Sun.

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Communicating your message with clarity is everything. Given that you have limited time to present and captivate investors, presenting with passion, simplicity and power is paramount. You have a mere 30 seconds to hook the investor and convince them that your idea is worth their time. Experienced investors will weed out good ideas from the bad ones within the first minute so keep it simple and captivating.

Elliot Loh from Startups suggest you follow this simple formula: Look at the evolution of daily deals as an example; the demand rapidly dissipated once the market reached maturity and saturation. Why is this an important problem to solve and how does it affect the end user?

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Save extra cable box and monthly fees Saves you the additional cable boxes or extra monthly fees by sending Cable TV wirelessly to another room. No wires to run, no holes to drill Wirelessly go through walls, floors, doors and windows and you can easily watch Cable, DVDs, TiVo, Direct TV, and satellite from any source in another room without Wires or cables. RF Channel Synchronization Automatically synchronizes the wireless frequency between the transmitter and the receiver, making it easier to reduce interference from other wireless devices.

Extra receivers available to transmit to multiple TVs With the purchase of additional receivers, you can transmit to multiple TVs or other components throughout your home. Eliminate the interference 4 selectable frequencies to eliminate the interference.

Someone here has the helo story mixed up There were five Teammates from SEAL Team ONE. that were lost on that helo crash in Vietnam in It was on the way to Saigon from Seafloat.

Grindr Unless they have used it themselves, many advertisers may not know that gay geo-social networking app Grindr has a burgeoning advertising business and a potentially lucrative future data business. Grindr claims to be the largest all-male mobile social network in the world, with nearly 10 million users in countries. Those users are described in Grindr’s pitch document to advertisers which you can see in full below as “affluent, tech savvy men,” who mostly earn over the average income, spend more on products and services than straight people and are likely to have future travel plans: However, it’s also a potentially risky place for brands to advertise: In August a security glitch left users’ locations vulnerable to being discovered by third parties.

The company has since disabled distance display, which showed how close a potential match was to a user’s current location. Some people also use the app to organize drug pick-ups many different apps are used for this too, most notoriously Instagram. Business Insider talked to Grindr’s CEO Joel Simkhai and asked what the company is doing to ensure brands are advertising in safe environments on the app that they would want to associate themselves with.

He told us over the phone: These types of behaviors are prohibited on Grindr and we also comply with iTunes and Google Play guidelines. We are very vigilant on that. I don’t think Grindr is for every brand out there.

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