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What Could Have Been: CST by quint Ahoy, squirts! I reached out to Frank Darabont for more details on his plans for the Season 2 opener and got a very detailed letter back, going step by step on what his original plans were for the episode. Big caveat here though: I wanted to kick off the 2nd season with the flashback episode Sam describes, which would have followed a squad of Army Rangers getting trapped in the city and trying to survive as Atlanta falls. Not going all shaky-cam, but still making it a bit rawer and grainier than the rest of the show. And we follow this group from the moment the copter sets them down. I wanted to do a really tense, character-driven ensemble story as communications break down, supply lines are lost, escape routes are cut off, morale falls apart, leadership unravels, mutinies heat up, etc.

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Bradley Cooper, who got his master’s degree at the Actors Studio when it was affiliated with The New School, sits down with host James Lipton to discuss a career that’s spanned stage, film and television 7 p. It is decision time for hunky Texan Brad Womack as the latest season of the dating show concludes at 8 p. After the son of a powerful couple lands in a drug-induced coma, Superintendent Colvin Jennifer Beals orders Wysocki and Evers Jason Clarke, Matt Lauria to find the supplier who’s responsible in this new episode 9 p.

A married woman’s lover Guillermo Diaz seeks Harry’s Kathy Bates help when his girlfriend’s husband locks her in the basement to keep her from straying in this new episode 10 p.

Online dating can be challenging, especially for men. Sarah Allen, and Sam Witwer attend the Syfy Upfront at the Foxwoods Theater on Bekijk deze pin en meer op Being Human van Chanyn Brow. Meer bekijken. Doomben Races Designer Dress Hire in Brisbane – Customer Story. Jurken Voor Overdag Sarah Allen Racedag.

Edit In the Atlantic, the U. California submarine picks up incoming human-like threats approaching the sub by sonar. The sub is attacked, leaving the entire crew dead by the invading hostiles. Cyborg decides to check it himself, deciding against Trevor’s idea of calling the other superheroes, as he puts it “there is no Justice League”. At Mercy Reef, Arthur Curry, drunk over the death of his father, picks a fight with a group of tough guys over them wanting to eat the lobster Arthur was talking to.

He defeats them, but is watched by Mera and Dr. At the sunken sub, Cyborg discovers hand prints on the hull, and that the missiles are missing. He is then attacked by the same hostiles that attacked the sub, and suffers damage through his escape. Green Lantern decides to head to Gotham City to get Batman, who is currently chasing henchmen of the Scarecrow. Green Lantern captures them for Batman, but Batman is angry as he needed them to head to where Scarecrow was.

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The Avengers is an fanfiction series created by Billy The series is a hardly reboot of The Avengers: United They Stand, The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and the MCU’s Avengers film series. The series is a mix of the Earth Avengers comic books, the Ultimates comic books, The.

Several people who know Clark’s secret have been committed to a mental hospital, and so their claims aren’t believed. Pete also once tried to expose Clark but predictably failed. Lex’s story of being possessed by an alien warlord is also ridiculed. Another meteor shower hits the town. Brainiac unleashes a computer virus that causes all technology on Earth to shut down, causing mass hysteria. Clark and Lex start as friends, but fall apart as Clark grows into a superhero and Lex into a supervillain.

Likewise, Clark and Lois, who initially found each other’s company difficult, grow closer as they both discover their journalistic callings and shared passion for justice. Lana changes from Damsel in Distress to Action Girl in the very later seasons. Of course, it’s not always consistent. Chloe is an outstanding example of Character Development. In the early seasons, she was rash, impulsive, and always eager to expose the truth about everything.

When she got extremely jealous of Clark and Lana’s relationship , she made an ill-advised deal with Lionel to spy on him as revenge , though she quickly regretted it. A year-long Break the Cutie Story Arc and a ton of character growth in Season 3 made Chloe become more mature as time went on.

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Syfy is losing Warehouse too, and when Arthur ended, it seemed that too many syfy goodies were going – God help me if Haven is taken off the air. It was well written and had great acting-excellent entertainment. A rare treat in a sea of mindless, moronic programming.

Apr 07,  · The star of Syfy’s supernatural drama tells THR that Monday’s final episode asks whether Aidan can be redeemed and hints that “it’s possibly the most distraught” we’ve seen him.

Green Lantern[ edit ] What does a mythical, mystical, undersea world need with missiles? We weren’t done talking. I’m gonna disembowel you, Barry. Dialogue[ edit ] Green Lantern: I’ll tell you, Flash-Man, I have seen my share of weirdo crapola in this job. But you’re good with the intergalactic cops, aliens, and the cybernetic human?

What can I say? Magic gives me the heebie jeebies. Ocean Master is close to killing Arthur until Cyborg displays a holographic footage of Orm’s conversion Mera in Footage: Ocean Master in Footage:

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Aidan Waite[ edit ] Aidan Waite Sam Witwer is the American counterpart of Mitchell from the original British series, named after the actor who played Mitchell in the original series. He is a quiet, calm, soft-spoken, and somewhat jaded vampire who is years old, having been sired by Bishop during the American Revolution. Though he attempted to live to with his wife Suzanna and their son Isaac, Aidan ends up losing them due to a preacher who lusts for Suzanna and ultimately drowns her on the grounds that she is a witch.

After taking revenge on the clergyman, Aidan became Bishop’s right hand and aided him until the s when he no longer believes in Bishop’s conviction to the vampire cause and decides to resist the urge to feed upon humans.

Additionally, this can be used for Star Wars TV or video game spin-offs including those based on the films.

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Darth Sidious, a Force-sensitive human male , was the Dark Lord of the Sith who founded the Galactic Empire after toppling its predecessor, the Galactic Republic from within. Prior to his term as Supreme Chancellor and subsequent reign as the Galactic Emperor , Sidious was born approximately eighty-four years before the Battle of Yavin and given the name Sheev Palpatine during the Age of the Republic. A native of the Mid-Rim planet Naboo , Palpatine pursued a career in politics and eventually became his homeworld ‘s representative in the Galactic Senate.

Although he cultivated the persona of an honest and trustworthy public servant, Senator Palpatine was an ambitious Sith Lord who learned the ways of the dark side of the Force during his secret apprenticeship under Darth Plagueis.

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Season 1[ edit ] In this season, the first episode opens up with Josh and Aidan moving into a old modern style home which they eventually find out is haunted by a ghost named Sally. They soon become close friends and learn the extremity of their living situation as well as life. By the end of the season the viewers find out just exactly how Aidan came to be a vampire and the background story of Sally’s death.

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Being Human is a mythological dramatization tv series established for North American tv by Jeremy Carver as well as Anna Fricke, accordinged to the British .

That came later when Chloe Sullivan begged Clark Kent to go back in time and save her lover. While Chloe and the Justice League managed to split Davis Bloome from the beast, courtesy of Black Kryptonite, the human side of the Kryptonian killing machine was still quite corrupted. When her oldest friend in the world refused, the discomfort of that moment literally buried the needle. Crying, Chloe mocked Clark by saying how good it was of him to embrace his Kryptonian side.

Season six of Smallville was a lot like jumping into a swimming pool without any water in it — painful. Still convinced that Clark was hiding another side of himself from her, Miss Lang set a trap for the future Man of Steel using Chloe Sullivan as bait. Lana locked Chloe in a wine vault hoping Clark would save her. He did, and Lana finally saw the full scope of his powers. So, as Clark Kent watched from the back of the church, his first love married his deadliest enemy.