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Transcript [2] In August , 19 record companies agreed to put “Parental Guidance: Explicit Lyrics” labels on albums to warn consumers of explicit lyrical content. Before the labels could be put into place, the Senate agreed to hold a hearing on so-called “porn rock”. This began on September 19, , when representatives from the PMRC, three musicians— Dee Snider , Frank Zappa , John Denver —and Senators Paula Hawkins and Al Gore testified before the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee on “the subject of the content of certain sound recordings and suggestions that recording packages be labeled to provide a warning to prospective purchasers of sexually explicit or other potentially offensive content. Subtleties, suggestions, and innuendo have given way to overt expressions and descriptions of often violent sexual acts, drug taking, and flirtations with the occult. The record album covers to me are self-explanatory. Joe Stuessy, a music professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio , spoke regarding the power of music to influence behavior. He argued that heavy metal was different from earlier forms of music such as jazz and rock and roll because it was “church music” and “had as one of its central elements the element of hatred. Paul King, a child and adolescent psychiatrist , testified on the deification of heavy metal musicians, and to the presentation of heavy metal as a religion.

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Great size and easy to make! Adding a picture is a nice touch to seal the envelope for a holiday or birthday card. Used the “Simple Family Greeting” template and the white Merry Christmas and our last name in white looks great in front of one of our holifay pictures! Everyone loved them and I do not regret purchasing this item, I will definitely buy again.

That means you will need to be ready to keep them busy with places to go and things to do, from activities out of the house to those within it.

Stickers Add fun and color to your Blackout EZ TM Window Cover! Make your cover unique with these quality peel and stick vinyl stickers made exclusively by Blackout EZ Window Covers.

Applying the brakes later than normal when entering a turn. Deep staging drag racing when a dragster pulls so far forward that they leave the pre stage area and turn off the pre stage lights on the Christmas Tree, but not far enough to leave the staged area. This is legal in drag racing. This may give the driver a few inch advantage, unless the other driver deep stages too. Delaware start A style of restart where the race leader starts in the first row by himself and the other drivers start two-wide.

The leader can choose which lane he wants for the restart, which can be an advantage, with a clear advantage over second place. Compare that to Lane Choice. Delta Time also Pit-Stop Delta The entire time it generally takes a driver to enter the pit lane, make a full pit stop, and exit the pit area back to the track to resume racing at optimum pace. For example, a Delta Time of 25 seconds means the entire pitting process entering, stopping and exiting cost the driver 25 seconds not driving at full race speed even though the car may have been stationary in the pit box for only 5 seconds.


The Bulletin is advisory in nature, informational in content, and is intended to assist employers in providing a safe and healthful workplace. In addition, pursuant to Section 5 a 1 , the General Duty Clause of the Act, employers must provide their employees with a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm. Preface Performing maintenance work underneath the dump body of a dump truck presents extraordinary hazards to maintenance or servicing personnel.

During an OSHA inspection at a heavy construction equipment maintenance shop, an employee was observed working between the elevated 4, pound dump body and the truck’s frame. The employee could not utilize the truck’s original “body prop” to support the dump body since the “body prop” would not position the dump body high enough for the employee to access the back of the truck.

Oct 27,  · The Hook-Up! was co-owned by Captain Eric Stewart and Clifford Hampton. Capt. Stewart, will be joining the staff of the Goose Hummock as Business Development Manager and is enthusiastic about the prospect of a better, more comprehensive set of products and services for the offshore fisherman.

Please put your garbage out the night before. They start collecting early 4 – 5 am. Do not put your garbage out more than 24 hours in advance. Stickers must be purchased at City Hall. Cans of paint will be picked up if the lid is removed and the paint dried out or you can add kitty litter to absorb the paint. One sticker per can. Needles used for injections should be put in some kind of container such as milk jug, coffee can, etc and then put out with the regular trash.

Carpet must be cut in 3 foot sections, rolled and tied. Car parts, fencing, tires, motor oil, electronic items will not be picked up by the garbage company. If you would like to rent a garbage container instead of providing your own, call Jackson Disposal at for details. Appliance Disposal The garbage company will pick up “white goods” or appliances such as washers, stoves, refrigerators, etc.

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Made of durable aluminum, these hooks come with a smooth finish for easy knitting. Polished to perfection, thread and yarns slide easily through the surface of these hooks. Available in various sizes, these hooks are specially designed for Crochet enthusiasts. Make lovely sweaters, cardigans, booties, mittens and hats in different patterns using these crochet hooks. Available in a variety of sizes Composition: This item is shipped directly from the supplier, please allow an additional days processing time.

Easily carry up to 75 keys to your vehicles using the convenient hand grip on this portable keyboard. Made of masonite with steel reinforced black vinyl trim to protect edges. Rows are offset so keys do not hang on top of each other. Gold colored hooks ha.

Edit Pam grew up on her family’s dairy–Poovey Farms–in rural Brown County Wisconsin, where she helped raise Holstein cows and produce dairy products such as milk and cheese. For much of her childhood she was constantly teased, bullied, and humiliated by her sister Edie Poovey. For example, Edie and her friend gave a blowjob to a boy they knew Pam liked and, on another occasion, Edie had calf’s blood dumped on Pam during prom.

It has also been suggested that Pam may have had bad relationships with other members of her family and hometown. According to Edie, their father had said Pam “would never find a husband unless she could convince a blind man she was a seeing-eye pig” and that the whole town thinks badly of Pam for having moved to New York City. Pam is overall an extremely tough person; in addition to growing up on a farm and dealing with difficult family relationships, she also paid for college by participating in an underground fighting ring where she may have accidentally killed several people.

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We have thousands of hi output alternator upgrades available that may not be listed on our web site. We are adding these new products to our web site daily. Browse our catalog and please contact us directly if you can not find the high performance alternator for your application. Don’t bog down your stock charging system with accessories your factory alternator can’t handle.

This app may dethrone Tinder as the fastest way to hook up with strangers The feature essentially uses A.I. to recommend GIFs and stickers based on your conversation. Digital Trends helps.

With just the one, it’s fine, I know what size it is, but it would easily get confused if I were to get more of these. I really hope Knit Picks makes these with the size marked on them in the future. I love how smooth it is, and the grip is very comfortable. I am disappointed it isn’t marked with the size, but I far prefer it to the metal hooks I’ve used in the past.

I’ll be buying more for sure! I finally decided to get one in size F, even though I already had that size. I am really disappointed. I thought for how beautiful it was, and how much I feel Knit Picks yard is so much better than any other yarn I no longer buy anywhere else!

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We’re here with a quick post winter holiday fix update! Then it’s onto a fun ! We have big plans and hope to share them soon! Thank you to all of our pals sending us merry vibes and words of support and introducing us to your friends and family! We love reading your reviews and tweets StickerPals and emails help impending. This means Sticker Pals is now the only sticker app out there that feels as fun as it looks!

Just hang it up. Hooks and hangers are probably one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep things wrinkle-free, tidy and easy to find. We have a wide range of clothes hangers that hold everything from Hawaiian shirts to polka dot skirts.

By chance, some cells end up with an active X from their mother, and others the X chromosome they received from their father. As the embryo develops, the descendants of the early dividing cells will inherit the same paternal or maternal active X chromosomes and the specific gene forms on those chromosomes. On average, half of the cells express their maternal X and half express their paternal X. The result of X inactivation is a mosaicism of expressed X-linked traits. Certain genes, can reveal the mosaicism visually, for example in the case of tortoise shell cats.

The gene for coat color is on the X chromosome. X Inactivation Teaching Tips The animations in this section have a wide variety of classroom applications. Use the tips below to get started but look for more specific teaching tips in the near future. Please tell us how you are using the animations in your classroom by sending e-mail to biointeractive hhmi.

Use the animations to make abstract scientific ideas visible and concrete. Explain important scientific principles through the animations. For example, the biological clocks animations can be used to demonstrate the fundamentals of transcription and translation.

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Each hook holds firmly, removes cleanly and leaves no surface damage. Medium hooks hold up to 3 lb and the large hooks hold up to 5 lbs. Not designed to exceed the 5 lb weight limit Are you looking to install a hook on your wall? Perhaps you need to hang up some clothes, a jacket, or a towel.

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Failure to properly install these safety features may result in personal injury, property damage or both. Installation of all Directed Do It Yourself systems involves identifying the proper wires in the vehicle, cutting them and securely connecting to them. If you are at all hesitant about your ability to install the system, please ask your Directed retailer about affordable, professional installation.

We make great products, but as the saying goes, the product is no better than the installation. It should never be used to test any computerized circuit in the vehicle. When in doubt about any wire use a digital multimeter instead. Directed Electronics accepts no liability with regards to bodily damage or damage to the vehicle resulting from the improper use of the LED Circuit Tester.