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Contact Seven New Uses for Old Shotgun Shells Shotgun shells may not look so attractive when discarded at the shooting range, yet they can be reused to create many practical and decorative objects. Image via geekologie According to a national survey, nearly million guns and rifles are in private hands in the United States, being used for recreational purposes. Luckily, artists and commercial retailers have come up with innovative, everyday items that can be purchased by consumers, armed or unarmed, to stop the waste. Alternatively, you could use them as inspiration for a host of do-it-yourself projects to get your creative juices going and help decimate that stock of shotgun shells. Calling the shots has never been so much fun! Instructables has a step-by-step set of instructions — just make sure to remove any lead residue on the inside of the shotgun shell case to avoid it getting into the melted wax and thus into the air when the candle is burning. In any case, it may be a good idea to open a window when burning these candles or to use them outdoors only. Light string and garland via morethanchristmas Tired of the old plastic chili pepper light chains?

Do shotgun shells get old to the point you cant use them?

The previous 2 articles in this 3-part series focused on tactical models of shotguns designed specifically for self-defense or home defense use. But suppose you already own a hunting or competition type shotgun. How might you adapt that gun to make it more suitable for self-defense? There are several good options.

Vintage Hunting Shell Boxes; Skip to page navigation. Filter. Vintage Hunting Shell Boxes. !2- 12 gauge vintage brass shotgun shells Winchester for reloading or collecting. I was told not to clean them or I would have. New Listing old Winchester cutaway salesman sample 12 .

Tweet For many shooters, the one shot wonder that is the single-barreled hinge break shotgun is their first experience with any sort of gauge. This simple design predates almost everything on the market today and is arguably obsolete. It however is one design that just refuses to go away. Background Remember the crazy looking trumpet-barrel guns you have always seen illustrations of the pilgrims strutting around with? A blunderbuss often the gun pictured with the Pilgrims is a very early and elegant example of a single shot shotgun.

Large caliber smooth bored muzzleloaders, these guns were great for self-defense at close range or taking deer with large shot. With smaller shot, they could make a decent fowling piece for birds and varmints.


Written by Administrator Hits: There are considerations such as gun gauge, recoil, target and environmental regulations. Price of course can be a serious consideration. Likewise, some shotshell aficionados have opted to load to their own formula into spent hulls. While some shooters argue the merits of reloading popular gauges such as and gauge, shooters of smaller gauge and. And reloading can also provide the added benefit of shooting just the right combination of powder, lead and wad to give maximum performance with the lowest recoil — making for an extremely comfortable load.

Description: This old Peters Box shows wear and loss on all labels with light soiling. Top has a hole and is separated at one end. Top has a hole and is separated at one end. This empty box is shrinkwrapped.

Antique Shells, Antique Rifle Ammunition, Antique Ammo Over the years, a lot of old cartridges and ammunition shells have been discovered at battlegrounds in the U. While some of them are used ammunition, others have remained in their original boxes and casings for decades. Depending on their ages, conditions, and rarity, they may be worth a substantial amount of money and considered very valuable by gun enthusiasts and collectors.

Many firearms and antique collectors are willing to pay high prices to acquire rare antique ammo. Most collectors go to auctions or antique stores to purchase antique ammunition, other collectors prefer to shop online. The Internet has a large number of antique gun stores that carry a wide range of vintage ammunition, and there are several stores that specialize in old ammo.

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Life is harder if you’re stupid. Do you think this ammo would be unsafe for that gun too? Pat, your gunsmith is dead wrong, the shotgun chamber does not expand. Destined to become one of the largest sporting goods houses in the world, it provided cartridges and rifles produced by other manufacturers to the Union Army during the Civil War and amassed a fortune.

Damiscus steel barrels should not be used for anything but wall decoration.

caliber shotgun resources, includes page on shotshells from Peters catalogue for 2-inch shells (a inch shell was on a catalogue page not shown at this website), Western catalogue for and 3-inch shells, and a Eley catalogue for 2-, , and 3-inch shells.

Less painful to shoot. The picture on the box shows a full length wad with the shot enclosed. In Trap shooting the wad is always thrown out a couple of yards. I would think the wad would protect the bore. Anyone responding, please tell me your qualifications to answer. If someone says I ruined a barrel doing it, I will listen. One of my twin granddaughters wants that gun. It must remain undamagehd but I truly would like another goose hunt with my son-in-law before all my hunting is in front of, the fireplace with a magazine Thanks bro for a reply.

I live in Virginia. It needed a good cleaning. I used you tube to disassemble. At the time I was not aware of the differences in the Firing pin set ups.

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Jon Farrar’s Article on history of shotshell boxes. Finally, the solid lead spheres hit a pool of water at the bottom of the tower. This website also has photographs of. Michl’s website on German cartridges , including shotshells. Outdoor Nebraska article on shotshell history by Jon Farrar. In , DuPont purchased the remaining stock in Remington, and Remington then became a wholly-owned subsidiary of DuPont.

Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes. The following reference document is presented in an Adobe Acrobat file. Dating Remington Cartridge Boxes (PDF, M).

D Leet secured the first United States patent for a paper shotshell with a metallic base in Crimp – means of closing the mouth end of a shell case to secure the shot Roll crimp – end of case turned into roll Pie crimp -means where shell end is folded over and sealed, looks like cut pie. Click small image for larger image. Maybe called the head, base or brass. A small cartridge designed for target shooting; — sometimes called ball cap. Examples are 9mm and smaller.

Gauge bore diameter – The gauge of a firearm is a unit of measurement used to express the diameter of the barrel. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties. Low brass – shotshell with short cup or brass covering.

Magnum – term derived from Latin word meaning large or great and applied to shotshell of considerable power. Pinfire firearm cartridge is an obsolete type of brass cartridge in which the priming compound is ignited by striking a small pin which protrudes radically from just above the base of the cartridge. Pinfire shotguns declined starting in the early ‘s after the introduction of mass-produced centerfire shotgun cartridges. Wad – a disc of paper, felt, plastic or other material used in shotshells.

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They also fit the New England Firearms. Both are complete with mounting bolts, just missing the sling swivels on the lighter wood set. This is a must have reference book for Winchester Collectors. Hardbound with DJ in fine condition. The most lavish work ever produced on American long arms, this book has been published with the full cooperation of the Winchester Division of the Olin Corporation, as well as Winchester licensee, the U.

The book’s large format presents many of the firearms in exquisite close-ups, accompanied by substantial details of history, development, and significance.

Please do shotgun shells he swings by a ammo empty shotgun shells. 20 gauge of 5 and not destroy the more like a few years and found some horse shoes, american. Jpg views: shotgun shells the shot-gunner can full wrapped, year-old.

The shotgun is the perfect weapon for home defense and disaster prep. You can use it to fend off home intruders, hunt for food, or even shoot skeet with your buds. Before I brought a shotgun into my house, I wanted make sure I knew how it worked and how to fire it safely and correctly. On this trip, he explained the very basics of understanding and firing a shotgun. Because the power of a single cartridge charge is divided among multiple pieces of shot, the energy of the shot decreases greatly as it travels away from the gun.

There are a variety of shotguns out on the market that serve different purposes. Below we highlight the most common types. Break-action shotguns are usually double-barreled, with the barrels either side-by-side or placed one on top of the other. Mossberg pump-action shotgun Pump-action shotguns. A pump-action shotgun is a single-barrel shotgun that holds multiple rounds unlike break-action shotguns.

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By Randy Wakeman When it comes to the discussions of gauges and shotshells, the three-inch 20 gauge shell gets a peculiar amount of attention, normally negative. I cannot find any basis for it today; in fact, it is the common availability of three inch 20 gauges that offer some consolation to the future utility of the 20 gauge, particularly considering the unsupported notion that lead is problematic for shotshells in most applications when lead is often a far safer, more ethical alternative to steel shot.

The Winchester Model 21 introduced the three inch 20 gauge shell that was made available to the public in as the “Western Super-X Magnum.

Dating Cartridge Boxes by Peters Cartridge Company. Photos and information courtesy of Randy Hedeen. Here are some typical boxes from the Peters Cartridge Company, covering most of .

Wad slugs[ edit ] From the left, plumbata discarding sabot 1 ; plumbata slugs 2, 5 ; wad slug 3 , sabot slugs 3, 4 A modern variant between the Foster slug and the sabot slug is the wad slug. This is a type of shotgun slug designed to be fired through a smoothbore shotgun barrel. Like the traditional Foster slug, a deep hollow is located in the rear of this slug, which serves to retain the center of mass near the front tip of the slug much like the Foster slug. However, unlike the Foster slug, a wad slug additionally has a key or web wall molded across the deep hollow, spanning the hollow, which serves to increase the structural integrity of the slug while also reducing the amount of expansion of the slug when fired, reducing the stress on the shot wad in which it rides down a barrel.

Also, unlike Foster slugs that have thin fins on the outside of the slug, much like those on the Brenneke, the wad slug is shaped with an ogive or bullet shape, with a smooth outer surface. The wad slug is loaded using a standard shotshell wad, which acts like a sabot. The diameter of the wad slug is slightly less than the nominal bore diameter, being around 0. Depending on the specific stack-up, a card wad is also sometimes located between the slug and the shotshell wad, depending largely on which hull is specified, with the primary intended purpose of improving fold crimps on the loaded wad slug shell that serves to regulate fired shotshell pressures and improve accuracy.

It is also possible to fire a wad slug through rifled slug barrels, and, unlike with the Foster slug where lead fouling is often a problem, a wad slug typically causes no significant leading, being nested inside a traditional shotshell wad functioning as a sabot as it travels down the shotgun barrel. Published load recipes for wad slugs are available on the Hodgdon website under shotshell reloading, as well as from Lee Precision, who additionally sells molds for casting drive key slugs from pure lead.

Accuracy of wad slugs falls off quickly at ranges beyond 75 yards 70 m , thereby largely equaling the ranges possible with Foster slugs, while still not reaching the ranges possible with traditional sabot slugs using thicker-walled sabots. Unlike the Foster slug which is traditionally roll-crimped, the wad slug is fold-crimped. Because of this important difference, and because it uses standard shotshell wads, a wad slug can easily be reloaded using any standard modern shotshell reloading press without requiring specialized roll-crimp tools.

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Thus 10 balls of 10 gauge diameter are required to make one pound of such balls, or 20 balls of 20 gauge diameter are required to make one pound, and so forth. This is the traditional, and very old, system. The actual nominal bore diameters of the various gauges are as follows: The last couple decades of the 19th Century were a time of great change in the shotgun world, in terms of both guns and shells.

Guns went from twist barrels to fluid steel, choke boring had appeared in the late ‘s, and external hammer double guns became hammerless.

Matching a period-proper ammunition box to display with your favorite Winchester firearm or assembling a collection of the colorful Winchester caliber ammo boxes or shotgun shell boxes can be .

Brass base with paper basewad Papershells and Moisture One of the greatest drawbacks of paper shell casings is their tendency to absorb moisture and swell when they get wet or are stored in a humid area for long periods of time. Sometimes they will even swell to the point where the cartridge will no longer chamber in a firearm. There is also a tendency for the primers in paper cases to lose some of their potency as well when exposed to wet conditions.

A case in point, a few years ago, I purchased a mixed bag of a few dozen 12 gauge paper cartridges along with some other reloading components from an estate. These dust covered shells had been kept in an large coffee can in a damp basement for some time, perhaps even a few decades. Of the eight loaded shells that I tried to fire, only two went off. Outwardly these cartridges were unblemished and appeared to be in very good shape.

However when I cut them open to salvage the shot, I found that the lead pellets had a heavy white patina of lead carbonate, indicative of long exposure to damp conditions. Should you ever have the opportunity to purchase any old pre-owned paper ammunition you should do so with only the expectation of salvaging the lead shot or for its value as a collectible. Seen by many as a quaint curiousity of a bygone era, shotgun loads using paper hulls are still manufactured today by Federal and Fiocchi for clay target shooting.

Despite their drawbacks, there are still a number of shooters who believe that paper shells produce less felt recoil than the same dram equivalent load in plastic.

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Scotland and Saudi Arabia Posts: Any Imperial civil servant told to annexe the Upper Niger at once would have been fully equipped after a pleasant walk from Whitehall. As you would expect at that date, it shows no damascus barrelled shotguns, and I would think Sus’s gun comes from the s or perhaps even 80s.

Many shotgun shells will have brass and paper cases but all brass, all steel, brass and plastic, all plastic, aluminum or other metal alloys have been used to make shot shell cases. If we have plastic shells they will be unique for some reason.

You may find other info under the barrel, on the forearm there is a wedge that you can knock out and lift the barrel off the stock. I would guess you have only a very slim chance at getting an approval to shoot the gun as is, rifles that old are shot regularly, shotgun barrels are so much thinner, corrosion can easily weaken them. A new barrel is an option.

Good luck and keep us informed. If we’re both talking about the same wedge, it appears to have been soldered in place. And since the antique dealer who owns the gun isn’t the one who operates the shop, and apparently is very hard to get hold of, I won’t be disassembling it before I buy it.

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