Share Tweet People usually use articles of this nature to segue from how they disliked their hometown growing up, but subsequently, this dislike turned into love further down the road. With Brevard, this is not the case. Keep in mind that I am not a negative person. On the contrary, I am a very positive person. But with Brevard, while there are positive aspects on the surface, it has a dark underbelly typical of the average American town. Whenever I reluctantly have to hear people talk about how much they love Brevard, I try not to be patronizing, but I feel guilty about being negative and ruining their positive impression. Brevard has white squirrels.

21 Fun Things to Do in Charlotte, NC

Since we cover a mile radius of Asheville 16 counties , there is something for everyone, no matter your interests. Find national treasures, award-winning restaurants, museums, shopping, music, performing arts, galleries and tours. If you love the outdoors, there are so many places to go in our national forests and parks, filled with hiking trails, waterfalls and spectacular mountain views.

Start making your wish list below – and click the links for many more ideas! Experience the beauty of Biltmore House and century-old gardens. See our extensive guide with many photos and tips.

Charlotte, NC is a gorgeous city with beautiful weather the majority of the year, but every once in a while we do get a drizzly day. We ta Ballantyne Hotel’s Gingerbread Lane.

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You And Your Partner Will Love These 15 Unique Date Ideas In South Carolina

Can You Break the Cycle of Dysfunction? We venture out into the big, bold world carving out our own paths. Even more surprisingly, some of us discover that we married people just like our parents. Relationships that have weathered the storms of time can be great teachers.

Discover fun and romantic date experiences couples love all over the world.

She has a date with her first love. She has known him her whole life. He is faithful, trustworthy, and fun. It may dawn on you: The only guy I know that I can trust with this jewel is me. Hopefully, there will be a guy you feel just as confident about at some point.


Like HomeSnacks on Facebook: These events are fun, unique and always kids friendly. Take the family to cut their own Christmas tree. There are a few other smaller places throughout the piedmont and close to the coast, so you might have to do a quick Google to find those. Head over to Charlotte for Speedway Christmas. This is a must see once in your life.

10 Great Dates Sure, a simple dinner-and-a-movie option could cover date night, but where’s the fun in that? We’ve found ten great dates to get you out and about in Charlotte.

From manicured parks and winding greenways to wild and scenic places, the city has enough outdoor activities to keep even the most active visitor busy for days. Here are some highlights on Charlotte parks to get you going in the right direction. Follow the Robinson Rockhouse Trail, a two-mile out-and-back trail that leads to the ruins of a stone house dating back to Before heading out for a hike, stop at the Nature Center to view the interpretive exhibits and grab a trail map. The biggest draw is the paved trail that circles the lake — when the sun is shining, the trail is bustling with joggers, cyclists and dog-walkers.

Historic Rural Hill — This historic site and working farm boasts three miles of trails that meander through centuries of history. Hike past farm animals, restored buildings and living history demonstrations at the acre park. Latta Plantation — A former cotton plantation, Latta is now the largest nature preserve in the nation. The 1, acre park has 16 miles of trails winding through its hardwood forests. The trails are also open to equestrians. Be sure to check out the original plantation house, which has been converted into a living history farm.

To highlight its natural beauty, the city spent a decade developing a mile greenway that winds along restored riverbanks and past destinations like Central Piedmont Community College and Park Road Shopping Center. With almost nine miles of trails, your options range from paved paths to nature trails.

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There are so many things to do in Charlotte, NC. But, if you’re a broke college student living in the Queen City, it might be hard to find a date night idea that won’t break the bank. Here’s 15 free or cheap date ideas for your next date in Charlotte!

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5 places to have fun & stay dry on these rainy days in Charlotte | Charlotte Observer

We’ve found ten great dates to get you out and about in Charlotte. Get artsy in NoDa, enjoy a leisurely stroll in Waxhaw, and take the big leap skydiving, that is in North Carolina wine country. Look throughout this feature to find out what they had to say.

Free & cheap Charlotte Valentine’s Day ideas, with or without a date POSTED BY Jody Mace There is no shortage of things to do around Charlotte for Valentine’s Day, , but let’s face it.

Review for Texas Roadhouse by Holly Rating: This place is the most unprofessional place. There was a fight last night which cause the security to pepper spray however they took matters whom their own hands. Tonight I called and asked what time they closed and a young man said ten tonight. I asked for his name and he asked me why. I have never been.. XOOM Energy in Charlotte is one on the nations largest and fastest growing independent natural gas and electricity providers.

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10 Awesome First Date Ideas For Every Kind Of Person