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There are nine officially recognised churches for the purposes of marriage. At the same time, special arrangements for the recognition of marriage were made between the State of Israel and the Lutheran , Ethiopian Orthodox , and Coptic Orthodox churches. Christians may seek official separations or divorces, depending on the denomination, through ecclesiastical courts. In , separate Druze courts were established to deal with personal status issues in the Druze community, alongside the rabbinical courts, the Sharia courts, and the courts of the Christian communities. The issue became acute when large numbers of immigrants olim from the former Soviet Union arrived in Israel in the s. Although they became Israeli citizens under the Law of Return , some of the olim were not considered Jewish by the rabbinate, which requires proof of maternal Jewish descent.

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Dozens of Israelis have threatened to sue the El Al airline for a canceled flight that caused them to miss a Taylor Swift concert in London. The fans arrived on June 21 at Ben Gurion Airport, only.

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The visit was described as historic, in light of the deeply rooted enmity between the Lebanese Christians and Druze dating back to the country’s civil war and beyond.

This article is more interesting and more in details about the religion But Is It Good for the Druze? The Druze are a heterodox offshoot of Shia Islam that dates back to the 11th century. There are roughly 20, Druze in Jordan, , in Israel, , in Syria, and a quarter of a million in Lebanon, home to what is perhaps the most influential Druze community, led by Walid Jumblatt. He is eager, he wrote me in an email, to throw a party for the actor at his ancestral home in the Chouf Mountains.

Her village, Baakline, is a nice place to spend a vacation. There are no more young Druze men left? Afterwards, Jumblatt excoriated his people.

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Imagine walking in the footsteps of Jesus! On this trip, which was months in the planning, we will visit many of the key sites. The night we land on April 18th Israel will be celebrating Yom Haatzmaut , their independence day which is very festive with fireworks! This trip is also first class with awesome hotels, breakfasts and dinners included as well as all tours!

Apr 25,  · A free dating application that will help you connect with others in the Druze community. Dilooni is modern dating for the modern Druze/5(29).

Knowledge and command of Modern Standard Arabic varies. In , the average number of children per mother was 3. The Muslim population is mostly young: The median age of Muslim Israelis is 18, while the median age of Jewish Israelis is Israeli Druze Druze dignitaries celebrating the Ziyarat al-Nabi Shu’ayb festival at the tomb of the prophet in Hittin Most Israeli Druze live in the north of the country and are recognised as a separate community to Arabs.

Most declined Israeli citizenship and retain Syrian citizenship and identity and are treated as permanent residents of Israel. In , many Druze volunteered for the Israeli army and no Druze villages were destroyed or permanently abandoned. While the Israeli education system is basically divided into Hebrew and Arabic speaking schools, the Druze have autonomy within the Arabic speaking branch.

Most do not identify as Palestinians. The near entirety of Haifa’s Arab minority is Christian as well.

Lebanon: Laws Discriminate Against Women

Druze Heritage Center The Druze community in Israel is officially recognized as a separate religious entity with its own courts with jurisdiction in matters of personal status – marriage, divorce, maintenance and adoption and spiritual leadership. Their culture is Arab and their language Arabic but they opted against mainstream Arab nationalism in and have since served first as volunteers, later within the draft system in the Israel Defense Forces and the Border Police.

Worldwide there are probably about one million Druze living mainly in Syria and Lebanon, with , in Israel, including about 18, in the Golan which came under Israeli rule in and several thousands who emigrated to Europe and North and South America.

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The Druze community, more than one million strong, is centered near its roots in Israel, Syria and Lebanon. In all three countries, recent decades of strife have occasionally allowed the sect to weigh in with influence far exceeding its numbers. Warfare and struggles are far from unfamiliar to the Druze, whose sect of Islam arose in the 11th century from a cult of deification of the caliph Hakim of Egypt. The secretive Druze religion evolved into a monotheistic faith emphasizing inner and hidden layers of meaning, in the spirit of the neo- Platonic philosophy that was very influential at the time when the religion was born.

Their nonconformist beliefs left the Druze subject to intense persecution that forced them out of Egypt and into southern Lebanon, in the area where present-day Lebanon, Syria, and Israel meet. Many later moved north, where the present-day Mount Lebanon came to be called the Druze Mountain, and to the Houran region in southwestern Syria, where the Druze arrived in the 18th century due to fratricidal civil wars in Lebanon.

Today, by some counts, there are approximately , Druze in Syria and , in Lebanon, as well as tens of thousands in Israel. There is also a Druze minority in Jordan, mainly in Al Azraq in the north east of the kingdom. It is all the more pivotal because of the large numbers Druze who, in contrast with the rebelling Palestinian population, serve in the Israeli army. Because the Druze are seen as more of a model minority, they are courted by Israeli authorities. Meanwhile, on the other side of the border, the Druze leaders who gathered in Amman last week attempted to counter just that courtship.

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At meters above sea level, Beit Jann is one of the highest inhabited locations in the country, in it had a population of 11, Beit Jann is an ancient village site at the top of a hill, old stones have been reused in village homes, and cisterns and tombs carved into rock have also been found. According to local legend, Druze families in the area lived in scattered colonies in the hills near sources of water until the 13th or 14th century, two hunters looking for hyraxes stumbled upon a cave where they found an ancient cistern filled with water.

Concluding that this was a place for permanent settlement, several families settled on the site of what would become Beit Jann. In , the village was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire with the rest of Palestine and it had a population of households and 5 bachelors, all Muslims. He noted that the inhabitants produced water-skins, and described the grapes of the region as particularly large, the American biblical scholar Edward Robinson described Beit Jann as a large well-built village in , with houses made of limestone.

He estimated it had two hundred people, all Druze and he further noted that A few years ago it was much larger, as is indicated by the abandoned houses which are beginning to fall into ruins. I am told that their occupants have fled to the Hauran to escape conscription, the flanks of the hill on which the village stands are covered with vines which creep along the ground, their grapes of a prodigious size. At the time of the census, Beit Jann had occupied houses and a population of Druze and 1 Muslim.

In the population of Beit Jann together with Ein al-Asad was 1, , all classified as others,2, dunams were plantations and irrigable land,7, used for cereals, while 67 dunams were built-up land. In July , during the Second Lebanon War, Beit Jann was hit by Katyusha rockets fired by Hezbollah, illegal logging in the vicinity Beit Jann has led to conflicts with park officials and rangers. Beit Jann has a climate, even in summer, and offers panoramic views that stretch as far as the Sea of Galilee 2.

In both Daliyat al-Karmel and Kh, Doubel were mentioned as part of the domain of the Crusaders, according to the hudna between the Crusaders in Acre and the Mamluk sultan Qalawun.

Golan Druze gather at border, chanting loyalty to Syria’s Assad

They are one of the Middle East’s most ancient and unique ethno-religious minorities, known for their bravery in battle, tight societal cohesion, and secretive beliefs. According to their own historic narrative, the Druze trace their origins back to the biblical figure of Jethro, the Midianite elder who became a father-in-law and mentor to Moses. They continued to live in the southern deserts until sometime after the Islamic conquest, when Muslim persecution forced the Druze to flee northward, where they found refuge in mountain-top villages on the Carmel, Hermon and other high ranges in the Levant.

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The Druze are an Arab-speaking minority within an Arab minority in Israel, a community loyal to the state that has suffered hundreds of casualties in its defense, and whose men serve today in high-ranking and sensitive positions within the Israeli military and security forces. The Druze in Israel comprise approximately 85, people, about 1.

The Druze are centered in Israel, Syria and Lebanon, but also have sizeable expatriate communities in France and the United States, centered in Detroit. The Druze religion is a monotheistic faith that emphasizes inner and hidden layers of meaning, in the spirit of the neo- Platonic philosophy that was very influential at the time when the Druze religion was born. The Druze believe in the reincarnation and transmigration of souls, and are great believers in secrecy. After three years of working as a teacher in different schools, from elementary to high school, he returned to his higher education, but transferred to the University of Haifa.

Daliyat el Carmel and Isfiya

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The report says that Israel is using the disadvantaged economic situation of Druze communities and distributing “aggressively sectarian literature” to Christian youth. This, coupled with laws defining members of these groups by religious, and not ethnic labels, is creating an identity “that is separate from their Arab Palestinian identity”. Arab Palestinians, including Muslims, Christians, and Druze, make up approximately 21 percent of Israel’s eight million citizens.

Who are the Druze? A few Druze Palestinians even fought alongside Zionist extremist militias during the ethnic cleansing campaign that forcibly removed the native Palestinian population from their homes for the purposes of creating a Jewish-majority state of Israel. The Palestinians refer to this mass killing and expulsion campaign as al-Nakba or “catastrophe”. These same Zionist extremist forces would go on to form the official Israeli army.

Nashif says this shows Israel’s long history of sowing division in Palestinian society for its advantage: Their separate identity didn’t happen by coincidence. Although roughly 80 percent of Druze serve in the Israeli army, a sizeable over-representation that is higher than the 75 percent service rate of Israeli Jews, poverty is still a huge problem in their communities.

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State television broadcast footage of the six arriving in the city of Sweida on Saturday, joyful at being reunited with their families but haggard after their three-month ordeal. The jihadists abducted around 30 people — mostly women and children — from Sweida province in late July during the deadliest attack on Syria’s Druze community of the seven-year civil war. As negotiations for their release dragged on, families led a series of protests outside government offices in Sweida to demand more be done.

A second woman appeared with her four children, their clothes still dirty from their long captivity and her sons with their heads shaved. Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP that the six were freed on Friday night and that further hostage releases were expected “in the next few days or hours”.

The engagement among Druze couples is tantamount to the couple’s dating period, in which both partners develop their personal lives and start building their home, before ultimately tying the knot once everything is good to go.

By Anna Breslaw Jun 4, It’s hard enough to find the man you’re going to marry — imagine if you’re working with a fraction of the number most of us are. That’s the case if you’re Druze, a tiny Arab religion that requires both of the spouses to be Druze in order to have a Druze wedding and raise their children in the religion. There are just 1 million Druze in the world, with , in the States via The Atlantic.

And so, singles mixers at Druze conventions are held in order to match up twentysomethings, and many wind up in long-distance relationships out of state, or even out of country. Fatin Harfouch, 23, now engaged to a Druze man that she met at one such convention after months of platonic Facebook messaging, says, “I think it’s hard for young people today who are raised here in the U. The Druze part is just a small portion of who they are. So I think coming to a convention is bringing it to the forefront of their mind But for others like Rima Muakkassa, the vice president of the American Druze Society, “It would have come down to marrying Druze, or not marrying at all.